Art exhibition in Bregninge Church: I WILL FOLLOW YOU

Art exhibition in a dialogue with the church room

In the summer of 2021, the sculptor and performance artist Heine Kjærgaard Klausen will exhibit in Bregninge Church. The exhibition takes place in the old chapel.

In the corona year 2020, Heine created a sculpture for Bregninge Church, based on the famous fresco of a fool's head. The interesting thing is that a rope has passed through the fool's mouth to a small bell placed on the roof. The bell was used at the fair - when you rang the bell, it has been "as the fool shakes his bells", as Broby Johansen writes in the book "The Danish picture bible in frescoes".
The sculpture, which was part of an exhibition project called TVÆRSNIT, was not shown in the church. The other cross-sectional works were also not exhibited due to the pandemic. Instead, the entire exhibition came in book form. The book was distributed free of charge in various places, including Bregninge church.
The organizers thought that the sculpture should still be shown in Bregninge Church, so they contacted Ærø Parish Council and suggested that Heine make an exhibition in Bregninge Church this summer. In addition to the fool, four more new sculptures by the artist will be seen. The title of the exhibition is: "I WILL FOLLOW YOU"

Heine Kjærgaard Klausen has for many years been associated with the Art Academy on Ærø as a teacher.

The exhibition will be open daily between 9 and 4 PM. The exhibition is open in June and July.