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Autumn Holiday on Ærø

Visit the world of yesterday. Spend your autumn holiday on Ærø.

The island of Ærø will give you the Denmark that once was. A place where life is calmer and each moment lived with a little more profoundness.

Snuggle up with your family for a cozy and relaxed breather on the coast and countryside; where the air is fresh and salty like the sea - and the coastal wind will clear your head of the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Enjoy the feeling of an island where healthy values prevail and green thinking permeates the way of life. Let your kids roam free to play by the water, and watch the whole family get carried away by the artless excitement of catching crabs at the harbour.

Your Ærø-autumn adventure even begins on a real ferry.

Jump on the bus – it’s free! Buses on Ærø run virtually every hour, which makes it both easy and convenient to get around the whole island.

Check out our website and find more more inspiration for your vacation on an island where cozyness is literally oozing from the cobblestoned streets and where open-minded kindheartedness is a matter of course and felt wherever you go in our fairytale towns and villages.

Welcome to Ærø!