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Ballast Butik

Ballast Bar Shop has made their own series of products. The brand is called BALLAST ÆRØ.

The cases they have developed because they think they are beautiful or funny. Or because they are practical and really good for the world we live in.

It can be bamboo products, so we help to reduce plastic in the oceans and the rest of our beautiful nature. It can also be their organic BALLAST ÆRØ products. Ballast has t-shirts and tote bags, which are made of organic cotton and are printed at a Danish GOT certified printing company. Most of the design they have been responsible for, but on some of the products, they have had some really talented people inside.

Ballast is super proud to be able to present Danish le Pirol in their small shop. Le Pirol is a sustainable knit with Nordic traditions.

Ballast also sells SUPER DELICIOUS Icelandic wool wasteers. Those of you who travel a lot know that wool is really good.