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Bed & Nature, Vesteraas

You can only appreciate the beauty of the surroundings here. Unspoilt nature and the infinite sky above, farm animals and an amazing cultural heritage as well

Vesteraas have a perfect environment for events, experiences and accommodation. An unparalleled place for celebration, relaxation or to discover with a guided tour.

`Back to nature´? In a way yes, but vesteraas prefer to say `forward to nature´ … they aim to create a place where there is a respectful interplay between yield and experiences. At Vesteraas they harvest herbs in the hedgerows, on the beach and in the rich flowering meadows. Foraging food is important, among the many activities offered at the farm. You can reach Vesteraas by foot, bike, bus, car or kayak, and stay in their vacation apartments: the `SeaHouse´ and the `GreenHouse´, or down by the beach where the creek meets the sea, on the coast of Ærø, in one of their striking black wooden shelters.

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