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Boat rental with Ærø Boat Charter

When you rent a boat with Ærø Boat Charter, it is not affiliated with a particular port. Instead, you have 6 different departure ports from which you can go to sea.

Do you want to experience complete freedom and Danish idyll on this year's family holiday?

Then a sailing holiday in the Danish waters is an obvious choice. Ærø Boat Charter offer the rental of beautiful dinghies of the highest quality, which is fully optimized with complete safety equipment. Give the kids, in-laws or your partner a great experience when you are taking adventures together on the wave blue.

When you rent a boat with Ærø Boat Charter, you can choose from six different departure ports on Ærø, from where you can board at sea. It gives you the freedom to plan today's itinerary and embark on brand new adventures the following day.

The possibilities are many and in just a single week you can reach much of the South Funen archipelago.

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