Det Røde Pakhus - kopi

Susanne Paluszewski-Hau exhibits in the Red Warehouse

Artist Susanne Paluszewski-Hau tells about the exhibition:

"The mouthpiece is almost phased out, you and I breathe a little freer and can suddenly see each other's faces again when we walk around together in the public space. The mouthpiece stands for me as the epitome of restriction and I never get used to wearing it without choking sensation, misted glasses and more than difficulty recognizing all the new faces that I have, after all, gotten to know the last few months as a new islander here on Ærø, with subsequent social nervousness about how many I was overlooked to greet in Brugsen…

All winter I have felt like part of a surreal doomsday game with virus zombies and touch anxiety in a social world that has felt more two-dimensional than three-dimensional. I have sought refuge in my pictures - which also operate with the flat and cartoonish.

When the bandage for the first time was not supposed to last Monday, I hesitated and I felt in a strange way both naked and exposed without the shielding mask, when I had to open the door to the clinical room, which is made up of my ophthalmologist in Svendborg - it felt both prohibited and vulnerable. I have worked with my aversion, vanity and social challenges during the pandemic in a new series of images, drawings and graphics that invite you into my tragi-comic universe ".

The exhibition opens at Det Røde Pakhus at Marstal harbor on Saturday 26.6. at 2 pm. Come by and drink a vernissage beer or a glass of bubbly.

If the exhibition's opening hours do not suit you, you can also arrange a personal showing of the exhibition by calling: 22435305

The exhibition is open at Det Røde Pakhus at Marstal Harbor during the period: 12-4 pm from 26.06 to and including 01.07. On Friday 2 July, the exhibition can be seen from 12 - 3 pm.