Diving competition in Marstal Harbor

An old tradition comes to life in the port of Marstal

We have traveled back to the past to pick up a great event and competition back to the present.

We promise a memorable Saturday in the sign of history and laughter.

In the good old days, towers several meters high were built from which the participants could jump. We have not reached that place yet, but we have a dream of one day being allowed to jump from M / S SAMKA.

On Saturday, 12 June, an airtrack will be installed at Honnørkajen by BALLAST.

EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE - Prizes for best dressed, biggest bomb, etc.

Lots of small prizes and wonderful surprises.

Registration now or on arrival on the day at BALLAST BAR BUTIK, Havnepladsen 8, no later than 13.30

The first participants jump at 2 PM.

All participants receive a free beer.

Points are awarded for the most beautiful dressing or undressing.


3 rounds
1st round: stand round. You must not move before your jump.
2nd round: one must land (or try to) land on one's head.
3d round: freestyle, everything is allowed!


3 meter long airtrak from the quay

Points for: creativity, difficulty and execution

2 paddle boards in the water


2 big winners

1 for best costume

1 for best jump based on total points

Participants receive a free beer

Really good winning prizes and cool t-shirts for the first 19 registered divers.