Exhibition: Container with smuggled goods

A container full of smuggled goods and exciting stories is coming to Søby!

Kulturarv Fyn has dived into more than 200 years of smuggling on Ærø and in the South Funen archipelago, and a small exhibition has emerged from this.

The exhibition can be found in Kulturarvsboxen, which is Kulturarv Fyn's mobile museum in a converted ship container. It is on its way around to the ten Funen municipalities with a new exhibition in each municipality. On Ærø, the choice has fallen on the Danish folk sport, smuggling. There is a lot to report here, says project manager Ann Ammons. “In Søby, merchants and fishermen lived quite well from smuggling. During World War I, fish were exchanged for coal at meetings with German fishermen in space lake. It was known and completely accepted that everyone was smuggling. No one looked down on anyone for that reason. ”

The cultural heritage box is designed as an exhibition space in a traditional museum with showcases, posters and a screen with the opportunity to show films. Here it is possible to convey aspects of Funen's history that only rarely peek out from the museums 'depots and archives' shelves. The untraditional exhibition space piqued people's curiosity, and Kulturarv Fyn hopes to give the interest in local history a push in the right direction. The cultural heritage box is supported by the Albani Foundation.

The exhibition in the Cultural Heritage Box is opened by Kim Furdal, director of Ærø Museum, on Friday 2 July at 14. Then the exhibition can be seen every day at. 9-21 until August 1st. You will find the exhibition at the ferry berth in Søby.