The medical clinic Peter Kjær Nielsen

The medical clinic Peter Kjær Nielsen is located on the first floor of Ærø Hospital

Takes place only by appointment.

In case of acute problems you can always get an appointment the same day.

In the case of non-acute problems, there is often a waiting period of one or more days. In some cases, such as major certificates, pediatric examinations and surgeries, as well as during the doctor's absence and holiday, there may be a slightly longer waiting time.

Some days we are delayed due to unforeseen hard work with acutely ill patients.

Telephone inquiry:
We urge that telephone inquiries in the morning be reserved for acute issues.
Inquiries regarding medication renewal, test results, scheduled appointments, etc. can be made via the website
That way we make sure to avoid waiting time in the phone.
The clinic can every weekday
be contacted within the opening hours (8.00-14.00, Friday 8.00 - 13.00)
on telephone 62 52 11 77