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Øflid NaAu

Right in the middle of Ærø, you will find Øflid NaAu - a cozy and beautifully decorated B&B in a rural setting.

In the middle of Ærø, you'll find the farm in the idyllic village of Tranderup. The apartment was rebuilt in 2020 in the 200-year-old stable, which has been used over the years for keeping animals, as a bedroom for servants and as a carpentry workshop.

The apartment has everything you need for a relaxing stay in beautiful nature. 95% of the furniture are recycled and selected with a great focus on sustainability. As a guest you have access to the entire outdoor area, you can use the fireplace and the trampoline, feed the chickens or take a look at the kitchen garden.

Tranderup is a small, beautifully situated village in the middle of the island. Vittens Længe beach is within walking distance and the perfect place to relax, fish, find fossils, enjoy the sunset and much more.

The idea behind Øflid NaAu Guesthouse

Roa & Jonas moved to Ærø in 2019 with the vision of creating their own dream place and at the same time enabling families without sufficient financial means to go on vacation with their children.

Paying guests thus contribute to the fact that they can give these families or single parents a one-week vacation with their children on Ærø three times a year.

Your stay will help create beautiful childhood memories - THANK YOU.

Furthermore, in balance with the surrounding environment and nature, it is the goal to make Øflid NaAu the first Tripple Sustainable Guesthouse on Ærø – with a focus on zero Waste, social Responsibility and slow luxury.

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