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Open shop at jewellery designer Pia and Your Design-Nordic

Pia creates unique artisan jewelry in her shop in Marstal and she invites you inside to experience the process.

In a house built in 1791 and right next to the notable, much visited Marstal Martime Museum, you'll find at silversmith’s workshop with its very own foundry.

Pia Christensen creates specially designed jewellery inspired by i.a. the unique culture on Ærø and created through a close collaboration with the customer. The jewellery is both handmade and cast according to the ancient "lost wax" method Cire Perdue.

Pia designs for customers in both Denmark and abroad, and she molds for many other designers and jewelers in Denmark who demand sustainability in their production chain and therefore do not want to send to e.g. the East to have their jewellery cast.

When you book a tour in Pia's shop, you will see prototypes and wax trees, and you will have the opportunity to make a wax print yourself. You are always welcome to have a chat with Pia about the thoughts behind her designs as well as the processes that precede the foundry.

Pia encourages you to "drop in and enjoy the magic!"

Opening hours

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1PM to 5PM
  • First Saturday every month from 10AM to 1PM

In addition, you are always welcome to contact Pia by telephone +45 27 62 48 12 and make an appointment.

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