Opera in Marstal: Farinelli

An extraordinary opera experience 

Farinelli goes to Marstal

Saturday, June 27 Ærøhallen will host Guid Opera's performance of Emil Reesen and Mogens Dams operetta "Farinelli".

This is the 13th time that Marstal is hosting a performance with some of Denmark's best opera singers. Over the years, great, beloved operas such as "La traviata", "La Bohème", "Madame Butterfly", "The barber in Seville", "The love drink" and several others have been featured in the opera singer Guido Paevatalu's staging. This time, for the first time, the program is operating. "Farinelli" is a free tale inspired by the real-life Carlo Broschi (1705-1782), an Italian boy soprano with a voice of such high quality that he was castrated as a boy to preserve his amazing voice.

Carlo Broschi debuted in 1720 and quickly gained fame for his perfect sonic beauty, which excited European princesses and not least the women. Under the artist name Farinelli, he appeared in Vienna, London and Paris. For 22 years he stayed at the Spanish court where he was to encourage the depressed Spanish king Philip on the 5th.
Farinelli's life was obviously not very ordinary, which is why it became a source of inspiration for various musical dramatic performances around Europe - also in Denmark. In 1942 came the Danish and very freely interpreted version of Farinelli's life in Emil Reesen and Mogens Dams operetta "Farinelli". In the understandable absence of a castrate singer, the title role was written for a tenor, who at the premiere was Aksel Schiøtz. In the 1961 television version, the role was sung by Poul Bundgaard.

Emil Reesen's music from the operetta has proven to be durable. Who doesn't know the songs "The joys of life" (with the well-known first line "The Lord Who Created Everything on Earth") and "The Song Has Wings"? Now all the glory can be experienced on stage in the Ærøhallen in Marstal.

Tickets can be purchased in two categories. A-tickets cost DKK 375, and B-tickets cost DKK 325. Buy tickets: see www.operavenner.dk

Purchase of tickets: send an email to lonefogh@gmail or sms to mobile 0045 27217829. You can also call tel. 0045 27217829 between 18-19.