Søbygaard Concert: Argentina and tango music through 100 years

True to tradition, we end the season with a festive concert with candles on the tables and wine in the glasses.

Tango is soul, pain, sensuality - all colors of emotion - and when the music is by Astor Piazzolla, tango is also international with a tonal language that strikes across styles and generations. The tango quintet plays Piazzolla, so one understands why he is referred to as the most prominent tango composer in the world. The composer who lifted the tango from the Argentine bars, brothels and dance halls into the concert hall by adding elements from classical music and jazz without betraying the soul of the tango.
The tango quintet, consisting of Bjarne Hansen, violin, Jens Krøgholt, double bass, Ole Bartholin Kiilerich, piano, Simon Krebs, guitar, and Branko Djordjevic, accordion will not only play Piazolla for us, but also illustrate the tango's history with pictures and film clips to show how it is weaving together with Argentina's history through 100 years.

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