Søbygaard concerts: Schubert evening

If you could only hear one concert this summer, then we were probably many who would choose a Schubert evening.

What makes Schubert special? Is that his tragic fate? (think only to be 31 years old) Are these the wonderful melodies? The delicate, dreamlike landscapes he leads us into? Or is it that even when Schubert is most light and light, there is still usually an echo of something dark below?

This evening we can enjoy some of Schubert's most wonderful works, when violinist Christine Bernsted and pianist Ramez Mhaanna play Schubert's Fantasies, which they are just about to release on CD, and also a few sonatas - it could be Mozart k454 in B major and Beethoven Violin Sonata 3.

Melancholy, fervor and endearing charm - Schubert is a wonderful acquaintance.

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