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The tales of the small beach houses in Ærøskøbing

Book a guided tour about the small iconic beach houses in Ærøskøbing with the local, Allan Harsbo. 

You have probably noticed the little colored bathhouses that are like pearls on a string outside of Ærøskøbing. The iconic and extremely attractive bathhouses are soon to be 100 years old and have been exposed to threats caused by removal over the centuries.

We follow the local Allan Harsbo, who wrote the book "Badehusene ... a story about bathing life in Ærøskøbing", from Strandskoven along the bathhouses and ending around Bjerget. The drive takes about 1 hour and we hike at a leisurely pace.

The trip can be booked at min. 8 people on +45 40 46 66 75.

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