Solnedgang - solopgang

Experience an authentic easter holiday on Ærø

On Ærø easter Saturday is a local holiday that all islanders cherish - also the ones that have moved away. If you are into authentic holiday experiences you will not regret taking part in easter on Ærø. Visit during the easter holiday and feel the island buzzing from spring expectations.

On Ærø easter holiday is a time for indulgence

During easter, Ærø awakens from a deep winter sleep.

Enjoy nature and each other. Experience the light return and feel the warmth of the sun while you relax somewhere along Ærøs 150 km's coast line.

Easter holiday is a time to be in nature while hiking or biking; time to relax with your family or to get out the fishing rod.

You can also explore the many art exhibitions on Ærø, or jump on the free bus and experience Ærø's many cultural activities

Also, easter holiday on Ærø gives you the unique opportunity to experience the distinctive and local holiday "Easter Saturday". This Saturday all islanders gather along Ærø's coast line regards of the weather. They boil eggs, they barbecue and they touch glasses. 

Easter on Ærø: Top 5 activities