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Nature and hiking

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Nature on Ærø lends itself to all kinds of experiences. Both activity, relaxation and much more. For example, experience nature up close when hiking. On Ærø, you will find routes for all kinds of legs.

Fascinating hiking trails

On Ærø you will find hiking trails for all kinds of legs and always in the most beautiful surroundings. You will also find smaller hikes that are more child-friendly. For example, the trip over the ramparts at Søbygaard.

Beautiful and interesting natural areas

Ærø offers many beautiful and geologically interesting natural areas. Take, for example, Gråsten Nor, which offers the protected orchid Maj-Gøgeurt and is the largest contiguous meadow area on Funen. Or Næbbet (the Beak), which biologically is Ærø's most important and most interesting areas for bird and plant enthusiasts. And also, the sea eagle actually breeds on Ærø in the area around Bølgemose.

Stay a little longer...

We really want you to stay a little longer! That's why we have made this overview for you of places to eat and sleep on Ærø.

Other temptations on Ærø...

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