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World-class fishing

The fishing conditions on Ærø are optimal all year round and considering wind and weather, you will quickly find a suiting fishing spot.

Lystfiskeri ved Jørbæk Strand

Ærø is an island surrounded by excellent fishing waters. The island is just 30 km long and 9 km at its widest point, but can still boast about 80 km of coastline and sea trout can be caught anywhere of the island.

Within 15 minutes you can move from one fishing spot to another with completely different wind and water conditions.

Fiskekuttere i Søby Havn

If the wind is off in one place, you can quickly find a different spot with shelter and clear water somewhere else on the island.

As there is good access to the coast all around the island, it is easy to find a good, secluded spot to fish from, whether you are into fly fishing or spin fishing.

Rules and useful info when fishing in Denmark

In order to fish in Denmark, you must have a fishing licence. If you do not already have a fishing license, you can buy it online or at the Tourist Office in Ærøskøbing where you can pay with several different credit cards.


  • Annual card: DKK 185
  • Weekly card: DKK 130 
  • Day pass: DKK 40

Read more about the regulations for angling and recreational fishing.

Ærø is part of the Sea Trout Funen collaboration and on the island you will find both certified fishing guides and certified accommodation.

On Sea Trout Funen website you can also find an overview of and read other anglers' comments about the fishing spots on Ærø described in the book "117 Fine Funen Fishing Sites", which can be purchased at the tourist office in Ærøskøbing.

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