Badehuse ved Vester Strand

Autumn on Ærø

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Autumn on Ærø can be harsh with big waves and tree-roaring storms and at the same time mild with gentle winds and beautiful sunsets. Nature on Ærø slowly fades and has a new and more beautiful expression every day.

You must experience Ærø in autumn

Photo: Camilla Jørvad

Ever changing autumn on Ærø

Late September things start to quiet down on Ærø. The air seems even more fresh and the sunrises get a golden, soft glow.

The leaves change colour, and trees and shrubs are filled with fruits and berries. Wind and rain might make us move indoors  to get warm.


Photo: Bjørg Kiær

The mist hangs heavily over the fields. On the mild days the sky is clear and blue and the wind even feels gentle.

The colour saturated nature invites for long walks. Tranquility reigns all over the island and you can relax completely.


Photo: Bjørg Kiær

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You must experience Ærø in autumn

Photo: Conny Kock