Bike Island

Ærø is the perfect bike island

Photo: Kasper Andersen

Cycling is freedom. The sound of the wheels spinning on the road, the wind in your hair and lots of impressions for both the eye and the ear. On your bike you are your own master, and on Ærø there is always an exciting experience around the next corner.

Ærø is the obvious choice for your bike vacation

Photo: Kasper Andersen

Ærø has 150 km bike friendly and beautiful bike tracks with no or only limited traffic. In fact, you can follow a signposted 100 km long track - without cycling the same track twice.

Here you can enjoy the purest idyll, beautiful scenery, half-timbered houses and grazing cows, all nestled in between living fences and the blue archipelago.

Photo: Kasper Andersen

On Ærø you will find both routes 91 and 92 as well as a small part of the beautiful Baltic Sea route N8.

In addition, you can also try out the Ærø Alps on either 20, 50 or 100 km long routes.

All three routes are constructed by the local cycling club CC Flying Heroes.

Good tips for your bike vacation on Ærø

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Bike stay on Ærø

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Tour de Ærø

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