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Summer on Ærø

Summer is the undisputed most busy season on Ærø. It is teeming with life and happy days, sun is shining, the sea temperature inviting and the ice cream tastes heavenly. If you visit us during the summer, we guarantee happy summer memories.

Summer on Ærø creates life long memories

Summer is the busiest time on the island.

Hollyhocks and roses in bloom adorn the old houses. Sun is high in the sky and the glitter of the sea makes the archipelago shine. It's festival time, and cities and harbours are buzzing with people and music.

Galleries, farm shops and flea markets are open, and everywhere you'll meet cyclists who challenge the island at a comfortable pace. The marinas are filled with yachts lying side by side in the still water.


Weather allows for the beach houses to be used extensively.

There is life and laughter on the beaches where the clear water can become almost as emerald green as on a postcard from the Caribbean.

But not even the many summer guests can take away the characteristic tranquility of Ærø. The atmosphere is relaxed and both guests and islanders have lowered their shoulders.


Summer on Ærø: Top 5