Fisherman by  the beach in Borgnæs

World-class fishing on Ærø

Photo: Bjørg Kiær

Fishing on Ærø is top notch! Regardless of wind and weather, you can always find a good fishing spot along the almost endless and unique coastline. Also, conditions for fishing are optimal all year round and we can almost guarantee you a catch.

Unique coast line

What say the fishermen?

Sea Trout Fyn

Ærø is part of the Sea Trout Funen collaboration and on the island you will find both certified fishing guides and certified accommodation.

On Sea Trout Funen website you can also find an overview of and read other anglers' comments about the fishing spots on Ærø described in the book "117 Fine Funen Fishing Sites", which can be purchased at the tourist office in Ærøskøbing.