Ærø for body & soul

A holiday on Ærø is like a trip to a filling station for senses.

Here you will find a wide number of recreational offers where people go to find both fellowship and a better health.
On Ærø there are many places where nature, personal care, health, communication and tourism activities all come together beautifully.

Here is a vast number of well-attended places which guests love and where they come back time and again, because on Ærø you will find a strong and clear concept in
alternative treatment. You will find an active and professional environment of treatment with everything from a yoga study and retreat to art therapy and
coaching, as well as counselling on weight; here you may put your feet into a basin with doctor fish, find inspiration in a nature tub amidst Ærø's beautiful nature or recover
from everyday rush in a sauna cask; here you will find herbal safaris and courses in natural make-up, as well as hypnosis, massage, acupunctureand treatment; here you can have
guidance on health in a therapeutic environment in quiet contemplation.

Do yourself a favour and set aside plenty of time when you visit Ærø's recreational places. Here, time stands still and you are immersed in quietude – this is where past, present
and future come together – with Ærø's calm nature and the waves of the Baltic as a back cloth.

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