Marinas on Ærø


Lystbåd på Ærø

Ærø is a sailors paradise!

Here you can find quaint little harbours filled with locals as well as larger marina with all mondern facilities in walking distance from beaches, restaurants, shops and citylife.

The 3 largest marinas are found in Marstal, in Ærøskøbing or in Søby.

Marstal is the maritime centre of Ærø. Centuries of maritime tradition are felt everywhere you go. Marstal was, and still is, the home of sailors.

Ærøskøbing is the islands fairytaletown, complete with old houses and cobblestone street. Strolling around Ærøskøbing you'll most likely run in to happy newly weds from across the world. Ærø is Denmarks weddings island, and that is especially  apparent in Ærøskøbing.

On the western tip of Ærø you'll find Søby - gateway to Europe, connected by the ferry to the southern part of Jutland and thus the rest of the continent.

The old houses of Søby leans on the hill, where the beautiful church lies and in the habour you can find Søby Shipyard, still a busy shipyard full of life and activity.

In the waters south if Funen, on the northern coast of Ærø, is 'Kleven.'

Here you'll find Ommel harbour, southeast of Ærøskøbing.  

On Ærø all busses are free, giving you as a sailor a unique possibility to experience the entire island.

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