Fishing on Ærø


Whatever the weather, you can always find a good fishing spot on Ærø

Ærø is an island surrounded by good fishing waters. Only 30km long and just 9km wide at its broadest point, the island boasts 80km of coastline. In less than 15 minutes, you can move to another fishing spot with totally different conditions. Here it is easy to find a great variety of locations to fish from.

If the wind is blowing the wrong way in one place, in no time at all you can find another spot close by with shelter and clear & calm water to fish in.

Some 60km of Ærø’s coastline is particularly good for sea trout angling and Ærø Sportsfiskerforening (Ærø Sport Fishing Association) holds a sea trout angling competition  during a weekend of September every year.

On the association’s website, you can find good descriptions of a few recommended coastal locations, but as most beaches on the island are easily accessible, it is not difficult to find a good peaceful fishing spot, whether it is fly or spin fishing.

Ærø is a partner in the Havørred Fyn (Sea Trout Funen cooperation) and on the island you will find certified fishing guides as well as certified accommodation. On their website, you can also find an overview of and read other anglers’ tips about fishing locations on Ærø, which are also published in the book 117 Fine Funen Fishing Spots, available at the Tourist Office.

On the island, you can also find a lot of good accommodation options that are especially suited to anglers, offering facilities for cleaning and freezing the catch of the day. There is also good availability of daily supplies and groceries on the island.

If you do not already hold a fishing licence, these can be bought at either the Tourist Office in Ærøskøbing or online at, where major credit cards are accepted. A fishing licence valid for a year costs DKK185, one valid for a week costs DKK130 and a day card costs DKK40. You can read more about the rules and regulations for sport and leisure fishing here.

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Our guests says:

"Ærø is a fishing paradise all year round. In particular, the winter season on Ærø is totally unique. The low salinity of the waters around Ærø encourage sea trout in cold times. Nowhere else in Denmark can one find shorelines and sea beds that are more beautiful, all which make Ærø an outstanding fishing destination. Here the chances of netting a record sea trout are really quite big. In addition to perfect seatrout fishing, the summer months also offer big fishing experiences with the coveted mullet that often gather in large shoals along the coast. Fishing on Ærø is simply unique".
Per Gylling Hansen, Herning

Lystfisker Per Gylling Hansen