Ærø - The Wedding Island

Brudepar i hestevogn på Ærø

Thinking about tying the knot?

Get hitched on Ærø - Denmark’s most romantic island


Ærø Municipality bids welcome to all couples in love!

Ærø Town Hall offers a highly competent administrative service with four staff dedicated to the smooth processing of weddings - and they enjoy a well-deserved reputation for being able to complete marriage formalities quickly and efficiently.


Danish Citizens:

Before you can hold a wedding, you must complete and send to your own municipality a marriage declaration.

When your municipality has processed your marriage declaration, a marriage licence will be issued to you.

This is valid for four months from the date of issue.

The marriage licence then needs to be sent to the relevant authority (municipality or church) that will marry you.


Foreign Citizens:

A non-Danish citizen wishing to get married on Ærø must contact Ærø Municipality (Ærø Kommune) in order to arrange an appointment for the marriage.

You can send an email to them at info@weddinginfo.dk or telephone them on +45 63 52 50 00.

When an appointment has been made, you will then be asked to complete marriage declarations.

In addition to these marriage declarations, you must also submit by e-mail to Ærø Municipality all the relevant documents that are required by the Marriage Officer.


Civil Marriages at Ærø Town Hall

Here you will most likely be married by a marriage officer. Two witnesses are always required to be present at the wedding ceremony.

If you are unable to provide witnesses yourself, Ærø Municipality is able to assist. If you are unable to understand Danish, English or German, you may bring an interpreter.

The wording of the marriage vows used by the Town Hall are the same for all wedding couples, but should the couple wish to say something personal to each other, this may be done when rings are exchanged.

When you have said yes to each other, you will then exchange rings.

After this, you will be declared legally married and your witnesses will attest to this with their signatures. Once these formalities are completed, you will receive your marriage certificate.


Civil Weddings Outside the Town Hall

Ærø welcomes and endorses weddings outside the town hall and there are many beautiful places on Ærø, where you can get married.

However, it takes a little more effort than simply turning up at the town hall and getting married.

In these circumstances, you must communicate any special requests to Ærø Municipality in advance at info@weddinginfo.dk.

You can either arrange your own marriage or contact a professional wedding planner.

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