Marathon: Around the world on Aeroe

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Søby Havn 6

5985 Søby Ærø


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Around the World Ærø Marathon, 3rd edition.

The success from June 2017 and 2018 is repeated with marathon from Søby to Marstal along the Archipelago Trail, distance 42.2 km, as the trail is extended from the Port of Marstal to the beach and around. The route is well signposted.
The race is run as Cannonball.
There will be 8-9 depots where each depot has wine from different countries, furthermore a little treat that suits the wines.
We blame it with a cold beer in the finish area. (Nb driving is discouraged after the race) Buses are free at Ærø.
There will be a possibility for half marathon, these stop at the depot at Bøssehage.
The race is a social race where we ALL follow along to the Ærøskøbing depot, ie after about 21.1 km. Then it is given freely, as long as our 2  cars can follow. It would be a shame to miss a depot

No time limit.
We meet at the harbor in Søby where the bus stops.
The race stops at Ærøhallen in Marstal, or for the half marathon at Bøssehage next to the harbor in Ærøskøbing.
There is the possibility of getting luggage to the destination area from the start site.

The race is carried out with at least 5 participants.
Club 100 rules apply:

Max participates in the half marathon 10
Max participates in helmathon 30
(You can get on the waiting list)
Registration is made by means of payment via Mobilepay to Box81376 stating Name, City and Distance. Registration is only registered when payment has been made

Price is 200 DKK per participant regardless of distance.


Søby Havn 6

5985 Søby Ærø



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