Sne og børn på Vesterstrand

Winter holiday on Ærø

Photo: Ærø Turist & Erhverv

Do you dream of a quiet Winter Holiday with family in focus, fire in the wood stove, daily walks by the beach and hot cocoa in the afternoon? On Ærø your dream comes true.

What happens on a small Danish island in February?

Honestly ... Not very much. And that is exactly why a lot of families choose to go to Ærø during the Winter holidays; to get away from the sometimes hectic everyday life.

On Ærø you can lower your shoulders - and before you think that can be done anywhere, we venture the claim that it is something else on an island. It has something to do with the ferry - and that already on the ferry trip, you let go of stress and worries. 


Gather your whole family by the coast and fish trout; they bite much better during the cold months.

Sweets & drinks

Treat yourself to hot cocoa and other sweets on a local café relaxing in comfortable sofas.

Events for children

Even though winter is a quiet period on Ærø, there are still kid friendly entertainment during the winter holiday.

Enjoy Ærø's beautiful nature

Go on smaller hikes in beautiful nature. On Ærø you'll find good hikes for both small and big feet.

Relax by the sea

Build small stone castles by one of the many beaches on Ærø or get blown through by the sea breeze.

Culture and history

Immerse yourself in culture; churches and libraries as well as most museums are open year-round.