Seduced by summer on Ærø...

Buzz and laughter and cool drinks. The sun is high in the sky. And the crystal clear water can turn almost as emerald green as on a Caribbean postcard. It's summer on Ærø.

Vester Mølle i Søby

Top activities on Ærø

On Ærø there is much to see and do - even though we are not the biggest, Danish island. Below, we give you our best take on activities on Ærø.

Ærø is open 24/7 all year around

If we must pick a favourite season, it would have to be... Oh, we can't choose! We love Ærø all year around. You just have to come more than once. Ærø is worth a visit in every season.

Cykling i Skovby


Beach houses on Vesterstrand


Efterårsmorgen ved Jomfrustien


Bro med sne på | Vinter


A real island is reached by boat

The only way to get to Ærø is by boat. You can jump on one of our five ferries or you can sail to Ærø in your own boat and enjoy life in one of our four marinas.

Have you (too) fallen in love with Ærø?

Fear not! It is quite understandable and you are not alone. Luckily, we have more than one solution for that "problem". Say "I do" on Ærø.