Welcome to Ærø

Where time is your own

Jørbæk Strand

Ærø makes time stand still...

So still, you can actually hear yourself. The most natural thing here is taking your time... Time to say hello. Time to make small talk with strangers on the street. Time to enjoy nature and each other. Time to take a deep breath and let your shoulders lower.

Where are you eating tonight?

Off season it is still possible to enjoy delicious food from the eateries on Ærø. Here you'll find an overview of what is open right now.

Ærø is open 24/7 all year around

If we must pick a favourite season, it would have to be... Oh, we can't choose! We love Ærø all year around. You just have to come more than once. Ærø is worth a visit in every season.

Have you (too) fallen in love with Ærø?

Fear not! It is quite understandable and you are not alone. Luckily, we have more than one solution for that "problem". Say "I do" on Ærø.

Shopping on Ærø

Small cosy farm shops. Beautiful store settings where you can enjoy a latte while you shopping. Locally produced goods, handicrafts and all kinds of necessities. You'll find it all on Ærø.

A real island is reached by boat

The only way to get to Ærø is by boat. You can jump on one of our four ferries or you can sail to Ærø in your own boat and enjoy life in one of our three marinas.

Ærø A-Z

Our Ærø Guide helps you to a good vacation on Ærø. As do our FAQ. Learn where to get gas, how to buy tickets for the ferry and where our more than 40 public restrooms are placed around the island.

This years Ærø Guide

FAQ on vacationing on Ærø