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Ærø Flødeboller from Vejbiksen

Handmade Ærø Flødeboller made from the tastiest and purest ingredients with seasonal flavours, coated and hand-dipped with the best quality chocolate on homemade bases.

Do you love sweet treats? Then hurry past Vejbiksen and let yourself be tempted by the amazing Ærø Flødeboller.

Henriette's flavourful and delicious Ærø Flødeboller are only available in the small house, Vejbiksen, located on Løkken just outside Ærøskøbing. The magnificent view of the archipelago and Ærøskøbing invites you to take an idyllic break in the middle of the beautiful Ærø nature.

All ingredients are carefully selected to achieve the very best flavour. The foam is whipped with fresh pasteurised egg whites, making it rich and silky smooth. Ærø Flødebollerne are made by Henriette, who bakes the bases, whips the foam and dips the chocolate with great care, precision and a sense of quality and aesthetics.

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