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Ærø Museum

Study the history of Ærø in beautiful surroundings

Ærø Museum’s cultural and historical exhibition entitled “Ærø – our island” is devoted to narratives and artefacts representing centuries of life on Ærø.

The exhibition takes you on a journey back through time: from present day life on the island to the rural society of ages past. As the journey unfolds, you encounter a number of key topics in the history of the island, from the wedding tourism of modern times, to Ærø as a part of the Duchy of Schleswig before the defeat at Dybbøl in 1864. The exhibition reveals why the people of Ærø head for the beach to boil eggs on Easter Saturday. It also tells the story behind the island’s two local flags.

A visit to the museum garden (in its 1920 form) provides a fine impression of a greener, more fertile Ærøskøbing, which is otherwise hidden away from the world in the closed courtyards of the town.

With Ærø Museum's cat treasure hunt you can follow Storm's paw tracks around the exhibition Ærø - Our Island. There are questions for each room, and if you answer correctly, there is a message from Storm and a prize at the end.

The exhibition has received warm praise from visitors on account of its wonderful stories and its atmosphere.

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