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Ærøfærgerne's four ferries take you directly to Ærø from Svendborg, Faaborg and Als. On Ærø you arrive in Ærøskøbing and Søby respectively.

Throughout the year, Ærøfærgerne sails to Ærø up to 20 times daily via the following routes:

  • Svendborg - Ærøskøbing
  • Faaborg - Søby
  • Als (Fynshav) - Søby

The ferry trip to Ærø takes 55-75 minutes depending on the ferry route, and on all routes you can bring your bike, motorbike, car and caravan/camper.

All tickets must be booked and paid in advance. In Svendborg and Ærøskøbing you'll find ticket machines where you can also buy tickets.

On the routes from Svendborg and Faaborg you sail through the beautiful South Funen Archipelago, where on the route from Als you sail with Ærøfærgerne's newest ferry, the electric ferry Ellen.

On Ærøfærgerne's website you'll find timetables, prices and GPS addresses to the harbours

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