Ærø's golf course

Give yourself a unique golf experience on one of Denmark's most beautiful golf courses

Ærø Golf Club has a unique location at the Skjoldnæs Lighthouse, surrounded by the sea on three sides. You have sea view from each and every green, which makes the course the only one of it's kind in Denmark.

A seaside course which is otherwise found only in Scotland or Ireland. The views are unique and you will often have to stop and enjoy that dispensation was granted to lay out a coastal golf course on this very spot. Particularly in summer, there is a myriad og yachts in the Baltic and south funen archipelago on their route round Skjoldnæs Lighthouse; this makes most golfers breathless.

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A round on the course is a very special experience that you ought to try, and which many guests players come back to again and again. The font 9 holes are on the southern side of Ærø, and the back 9 holes are behind the Skjoldnæs Lighthouse on the northern side of the island. There are many challenges, both going out and back, particularly when the wind plays along. You will also have to consider the many protected natural dikes, but with thoughtfulness the course is manageable. There are no physical extremes on the course. 

The pleasure of playing golf on Ærø starts as early as the beautiful trip to the Skjoldnæs Lighthouse which stands as a landmark for the course.

Ærø Gold Club's club house is set in the charming old residence of the lighthouse manager. 

The course is open every day from sunrise to sunset. See more at