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Ærøskøbing Grand Prix

The school holiday in the autumn is best spent on Aeroe! Racing!

Due to COVID 19, the Ærøskøbing Grand Prix will unfortunately not be held in 2021

Children know this to be true: No computer game is necessary - nor is TV!
Children from all over Denmark - and some from abroad - are participating in Aeroeskoebing Grand Prix - and the number of participants is increasing every year. 
All cars are built on Aero and sponsored by Ærø/Funen companies. 
Sandbags ensure that all cars have exactly the same weight, so the competition is equal to all children regardless of weight.
One by one they race - children aged 8 to 16 years - only carried by driving techniques and the speed at which the high ramp gives them. 
Register at the Tourist Office in Aeroeskoebing. Children can compete a single day or every days from Monday to Friday in week 42nd upon the submission of the registration pay at kr. 80,- in starting money. Subsequent siblings pay half price.