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Ærøskøbing Harbour & Marina

Ærøskøbing Marina is well equipped with all sorts of  facilities including playground and mini golf course. Also in walking distance you'll find the well renowned beach Vester Strand with the small iconic beach huts.

Ærøskøbing is the island ‘s fairy-tale town, with well-maintained old houses, cobble-stoned streets and lots of atmosphere.

When you walk around Ærøskøbing, you will probably encounter happy couples from around the world either on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or in a vintage car. Ærø is Denmark’s wedding island and Ærøskøbing is Ærø’s wedding town. Enjoy the sight of happy newly-weds when you stroll through this beautiful town.

Ærøskøbing Marina is well equipped with all facilities including a playground, a barbecue area and a mini golf course. Within easy walking distance is the popular Vester Strand and its iconic beach huts. Excellent shopping facilities lie nearby: Next to the marina is a well-stocked supermarket, and a little further into town you will find Ærøskøbing Bakery with delicious Danish pastries and cakes.


Pos.: 54* 53.56' N - 10* 24.67' E