Ærøskøbing Library

Whether you lack reading material for the holiday or looking for a rainy day activity, you are welcome at the library.

You will find Ærøskøbing Library in the center of the idyllic city.

The library offers self-service from 7:00 to 22:00 every day, however, twice a week you can also be served by an employee. You'll find opening hours on the library's website

To access the library, you'll need an access card. You can get one from Ærø Turist & Erhvervskontor in Ærøskøbing or Let Køb in Marstal.

During the service hours you can enter without a card.

If you need to borrow something, please contact the library staff.

Covid 19 information:
From Wednesday 26th of May, you can re-enter the library with SELF-SERVICE on all weekdays, where the following applies:
There will be daily random checks where you must show your Coronapas / negative test (max 72 hours old) and ID (health card, driver's license, passport). This applies to persons over 15 years of age.
Mouthpieces / visors are worn when you move around, even if you are alone at the library. Applies to persons over 12 years.
During the serviced opening hours, the bell will still be available (if you do not have a corona passport).