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Burger House Marstal

At the smiling Stenberg family and Burger House Marstal, you can enjoy delicious gourmet burgers with local ingredients.

Sønderrenden is one of Ærø's most beautiful spots with a view of Kalkovnen and Langeland.

It is also the spot for Burger House Marstal, where you can enjoy delicious gourmet burgers with local greens, homemade condiments and wagyu A3.

The welcoming Stenberg family is behind the hatch and takes your order. William, his siblings and parents all make an extra effort for you as a customer and they prepare the food with care and homemade fillings and greens from Nyttehaven Marstal.

William & Co. is constantly coming up with new burgers and examples include Sweet Onion, Blue Cheese, Truffle King and Hot'N'Spicy. In addition, you get homemade dressings such as bacon mayo and The Evil One; a mega-strong kebab chili.

Drop by and enjoy the company and the good food. You can sit both inside or on the cosy patio.

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