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Charging station at Marstal Harbour

2 AC destination chargers for electric and hybrid cars

The charging stand has 2 AC destination chargers 11/22 kW with type 2 connectors.

To start a charge:

Insert your brought type 2 cable / plug between car and charging station.

With a Spirii Key: Start the session by holding it up against the RFID symbol on the stand.

Without a Spirii Key: Download the Spirii Go app for free from the App Store or Google Play - follow the instructions in the charging app.

e-Roaming network

If you have an app / payment agreement with a provider of charging services other than Spirii, the payment can be "roamed" via the app or charging chip / card from most providers. It is cheapest to use the Spirii app or charging chip, as the providers charge a fee for e-Roaming.

The fee varies depending on the providers' roaming agreements. 

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