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Conference or workshop in unique surroundings at Motorfabrikken

The Marstal motor factory creates synergy between business and culture in the traditional maritime city.

The beats from the world-famous ship engines have gone, and today the unique industrial and maritime historical building is a dynamo for activity, innovation and good experiences.
Now, there are several rooms here, including the fantastic conference hall, "Maskinhallen", but also the smaller and more intimate meeting rooms, "Værktøjslageret" and "Stadstuen".
Here, companies from all over the country can come and conduct seminars and workshops in unique, maritime, but also modern surroundings.
The "crew" out there, which consists of three local zealots, provides somewhat brilliant meeting facilities - as they themselves put it: "From the transport out of the big city, to the lunch with local ingredients, the sailing trip with the natives, nature experiences at the water's edge and a strong sundowner in the beach houses".
Motorfabrikken has space for up to 80 meeting participants.

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