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Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

Welcome to Købmandsgaarden, a cozy shop & café with local products. Pop by and enjoy lunch and the authentic ambience in the heart of Ærøskøbing. 

Den Gamle Købmandsgaard is the place on Ærø for those who want to buy local food, special goods, Ærø handicrafts, unique items, cheeses and organic butcher's products of uncompromising quality.
Here you can get everything your heart desires for the lunch table, the sunday dinner, or just a nice cup of coffee with homemade cake.
Or how about a gift box with goodies for someone who deserves it? In the shop at Den Gamle Købmandsgaard you can, among other things, buy Icelandic salts, local soaps, chocolates, beer and jams, as well as a sea of tasty delicacies: the local Hattesen licorice confectionery, handmade, organic delicacies from Hindsholmgrisen, local cured sausages, rum specialties from AH Riise, specially designed Ærø t-shirts, ÆRØ WHISKEY and much, much more.
Buy local - digital. You can also easily shop with Den Gamle Købmandsgaard on their webshop.

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