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Geopark Visitor Centre Søbygaard

In the visitor centre you will find geopark exhibitions and good ideas for what else to see on Ærø. Admission is free.

The Søbygaard Geopark Visitor Centre is located right at the entrance to Søbygaard.

Although it's not huge and architect-designed, it still beautifully conveys how Ærø and the South Funen Archipelago Geopark came to be.

You can watch short films about the entire geopark, and you can dive into all of Ærø's geospots and other areas of geopark interest.

And all this with the most beautiful view of Søbygaard's moat with swans and unique nature.

Allow extra time to enjoy Café Søbygaard, their warm panini, Hattensen's liquorice confectionery or the famous rum balls from Nørre Aaby.

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