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Henne, Gans & Co. Felt workshop

Welcome to Henne, Gans & Co - Studio, farm shop and workshop.

In the studio in Risemark you will see a selection of artisinally felt works created exclusively from the wool of live sheep from Ærø and Denmark: veggie skins, animals, animal heads and murals.

Karin Falter has been working as a felt artist in her own studio since 2008. She moved to Ærø in 2022.

The undersides of her handcrafted „veggie skins“ are not actually animal skins - the naturally shorn fleece is held together by a felting technique.

The raw wool of the island sheep is processed by hand with water and soap without any other additives or
chemicals; the sheep continue to happily graze and produce a new fleece every year.

The veggie skins have a remarkable and convincing texture, as the wool feels similar to a shorn fleece due to the natural processing.

Each fleece is a unique piece of art with a distinctive apparence which reflects the regional diversity of the
sheep breeds and their wool.

Opening hours: You can make an appointment or take a chance and just come by - Either way, you are welcome!

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