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Kleven Harbour

On the northern coast of Ærø just by the small village Ommel you'll find Kleven Harbour. A small and cosy harbour that has maintaned it's atmosphere and maritime environment. A nice alternative to the bigger marinas on Ærø. 

Here you will find Ommel port, southeast of Ærøskøbing. When southeast of Aeroskobing pulls into Kleven port can not avoid being affected by the scenic area that has been navigated since the Stone Age. There are also visible traces of sailing ships heyday; Stenkarrene that marks the entrance and limited ice packs for up vessels, in the harbor. The newly restored Duc d`alber that was bollards for chasing and other sailing vessels. On the pier you can also see Boiling house and sweat coffin for shipbuilding. In addition to the tent site there is a Bark pot where sailing and fishing nets were impregnated. All in all, a nice little harbor that has retained its atmosphere and a maritime environment. A good alternative to the big marinas.

Every year in July, visiting smakkesejlerne Kleven Harbour during their annual summer cruise. It is always a pleasant evening, with the option to buy ice cream, sausage and beer -and famous the notorious male choir "Marstal Småborgerlige Sangforening" usually stop by and sing a few songs.