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Linen by Krebs

LINEN BY KREBS Ærø, is a new store in Ærøskøbing that sells delicious linen, raincoats, knitwear, etc.

Linen by Krebs is located in the old port office's parcel delivery, which for the past many years has been used as a warehouse for Fyns Amtsavis, which has its editorial office in the front building.

The yellow half-timbered house is the first thing you see when you come by ferry from Svendborg to Ærøskøbing.

This is exactly what Mette Krebs fell for when she wanted to find a suitable shop, on Ærø, where she could sell the delicious linen that she herself designs and produces.

At Easter 2019, she and her boyfriend Mek Pek opened the doors for the summer.

For the past 35 years, Mette's parents, Bent and Karin Krebs, have worked as entrepreneurs, innovators in product and concept development and design of lifestyle products.

Bent and Karin's passion for linen goes back many years. In their previous collections, they have used linen for both clothing and home textiles. It has been in connection with the brands Samsø Living by nature, Red // Green and Red // Green Living.

They wanted to create a new universe, with flax as its focal point. In 2015, Karin and Bent Krebs started LINEN BY KREBS

LINEN BY KREBS is operated from Samsø, which has been Bent and Karin's permanent base for the past many years. The island's beautiful nature and focus on sustainability inspires them every day.

In the autumn of 2018, Bent unfortunately passed away, but the passion and desire to continue LINEN BY KREBS made Mette Krebs, Bent and Karin's daughter, join the company. So the basic idea behind the company, the concept and the passion from Bent lives on in all ideas and thoughts for the future.

LINEN BY KREBS is proud to still be able to call itself a family business. Now with mother and daughter as the driving force, on two of the most beautiful Danish islands; Samsø and Ærø.