Marstal Harbour & Marina

Marstal boasts Ærø’s largest marina, which provides great amenities to its guests. It is located just a short walk away from both the commercial centre of the city and Eriks Hale – a stunning soft sand spit with highly photogenic traditional beach huts in all colours . 

Marstal is Ærø’s maritime centre. The centuries of maritime tradition have left their indelible print on this town, the homeport of seafarers throughout history and still to this day. It is not unusual to see a large array of venerable old wooden ships lying at berth here, harking back to those halcyon days when hundreds of Marstal schooners were registered to Marstal Harbour.

The two well-equipped playgrounds at the marina offer generous barbecue facilities, and two good sailing shops are available to serve the needs of your boat and yourself. If your vessel requires more urgent assistance, Marstal also offers specialised mechanics and a boat builder.

Marstal town is filled with quaint shops and eateries. Here you will also find a bakery, if you want freshly-baked items , a large supermarket with the island’s largest selection of food and non-food products, and Ærø’s highest concentration of retail outlets. Or you can simply buy your goods at the tiny “Let Køb” – a local grocery store, where the choice of fare is smaller, but the chance of a cosy chat is bigger.


Other information:

Pos.: 54* 50,93 N - 10* 31.44 E

400 berths. Two jetties for visiting yachts. Also berths available at quays in the harbour. Modern facilities, lively harbour environment with barbecue site, play area and environmental station.