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Søbygaard concerts on Aeroe

Every summer on Aeroe a string of classical concerts are held at the restored manor house Søbygaard. 

For decades, renowned classical musicians have come to Søbygaard to give recitals in our concert hall, designed by local architect Allan Havsteen Mikkelsen. Musicians and guests alike praise the beautiful surroundings, the enthusiastic audience, the fine repertoire, and the social contact in the courtyard during intermissions as the sun sets on Vitsø Lake; all parts of the very special atmosphere of Søbygaard Concerts.

This year will be no exception.

The season of 2021 will feature a number of concerts centered around storytelling: Through their music, Concerto Copenhagen will tell the story of Mozart the Genius and Mozart the court jester; Johannes Mannov og Lise Bastrup Møller will illustrate the tempestuous relationship between composers Wagner and Liszt through songs; and pianist Rikke Sandberg and saxophonist Benjamin Koppel will use music to tell the story of the Koppel family and its significance in Danish music.

However, Søbygaard Concerts also offer more traditional chamber music recitals: An evening of Schubert, featuring two very young and very talented musicians; and the Artos Quartet, a rising star on the horizon and an extremely gifted new Danish string quartet. Trio Zoom is refreshingly new and innovative, both in terms of instrumentation and repertoire. Last, but not least, Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal, who are known around the world for sublime virtuosity and talent, hardly need further introduction.

In keeping with tradition, we also offer the children of Ærø the experience of a classical concert at Søbygaard, featuring Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal. This year’s Children’s Concert is August 28th at 10am.

Tickets are available on the website www.sø or at the door 60 min before the concert. If this is not an option, phone +45 30 22 58 62 Mondays and Thursdays between 9 and 9.30 am.

The Søbygaard Concerts are run by ”Friends of Søbygaard”, a group of volunteers. Any profits from the concerts go to the maintenance and running of Søbygaard.

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