The Manor House søbygaard was built by Duke Hans the Younger in 1580. 

Both the small hunting seat and the farm buildings stand on small islands with a 5-6m tall stone glacis.

Across the moat is a newly erected drawbridge constructed in the postholes of the original drawbridge of Duke Hans.

The Manor House stands right next to Middle Age castle mounds dating back to the 1100's. History emanates from this spot - which also has its own "white lady" and bears witness to Ærø's past under the duchies. 

In the farm buildings are administration, concert hall and exhibition hall.

In july and August each year there are concerts of classical music. During the summer months there are alternating exhibitions.

Until 30 marts, please call Ærø Museum +45 62522950

Kiss the Frog is a family activity that promises fun exciting experiences in the wild.
Entrance Fees : children dkk. 20,- adults dkk 50,- ( incl. The Manor House )