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Tour of the Christmas ornate Ærøskøbing with the wathman

The old town of Ærøskøbing is completely unique and awarded the Europa Nostra Award for its well-preserved but vibrant city center.

The old city of Ærøskøbing is remarkably well preserved and unique - the city has been designated a national treasure. Would you like to look at the city and hear the good and funny stories about the city and the old buildings and their occupants, then follow the night watchman on a tour through Ærøskøbings medieval town.

About 1 1/2 hours. Price per person DKK 40.00. Children under 12 years are free of charge.

The trip is organized by Ærø Museum in collaboration with Ærøskøbing Guard Guild.


For larger groups please contact us for individual tours.

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