Søbygaard concerts, Aeroe

Every summer at Aero a string of classical concerts in the restored Duke seat Søbygaard. Some of the country's best classical soloists, ensembles and chamber musicians bring another rally here to exploit hall's fine acoustics and the audience's enthusiastic commitment.

The concert hall was completed in 1999 and is built with inspiration from the Faroese wooden churches. It contains a series of sketches for stained glass, made by the painter Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen.

The audience sits close to the podium, so every touch of cello-bow and every stop on the piano can be heard and felt. The musicians have often expressed that the audience in Søbygaard hall leads them to give their best, because it's so enthusiastic.

There is room for 120 spectators and it is a good idea to buy tickets before the concert, which starts 19.30, either on Aero tourist or Søbygård, but there are also sold tickets at the door one hour before the concert. The fare is 140 kr. For adults and 20 kr. Children under 16 years.

Many come in good time with a picnic and sit by the tables under the big walnut tree in the courtyard, from which they can now admire the "castle" surrounded by water. They can also take a little stroll around the lake or climb the ramparts of the fortress from which they can enjoy the beautiful view of Vitsø  and the Baltic Sea.

The association Søbygaard Friends who organizes the concert series, can boast of being the owner of one of the country's best-Fazioli pianos.

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