Ærø Municipality

You can get married on Aeroe (Ærø) – the most romantic Island in Denmark.

Go onboard the ferry, relax and enjoy the romantic surroundings when you arrive on the island.

Aeroe has been the wedding destination for thousands of happy couples since 2008. Most couples choose to get married at the Town Hall, but Aeroe is also renowned for its beautiful nature, spectacular beaches, picturesque streets and unique sights. Therefore, many couples have chosen to get married outside the Town Hall, at one of our many romantic spots.

At Aeroe Municipality we have a dedicated wedding team that offers happy couples more than 200 wedding dates a year to choose from.  We can offer you an appointment within a few days, as soon as you have received the Certificate of Marital License from the Family Law House (formerly the State Administration).

In order to get married in Denmark, the Family Law House must approve your documents. When you apply for the Certificate of Marital License through the Family Law House, you have to choose in which municipality you wish to get married. We will be very pleased if you decide to choose Aeroe, as your wedding destination.

This is how:

You have to apply through the Family Law House. You can read more about the application and the documentation requirements on the website of the Agency og Family law. Please note that Aeroe Municipality cannot advise you on which documents the Family Law House need. For guidance on the application process, you can contact the Family Law House on telephone +45 72 56 70 00 or by email on

If you want more information about weddings on Aeroe, or if you have already chosen Aeroe as your wedding destination, then send us an email on Please advise your names, contact information and your desired wedding date, and we will make a reservation for you. We will make a final confirmation of your wedding date when we receive the Certificate of Marital License from the Family Law House. When the Family Law House have approved your documents, they will send this certificate to us and they will send a confirmation direct to you. We will then contact you by email to confirm the wedding date and plan the final details before your big day.

We are available for further information – so please do contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you on Aeroe, and we hope you have a wonderful wedding here on our island.

Lots of love from the Wedding Team at Aeroe Municipality

Telephone  + 45 63 52 50 09

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